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The Ice Project

Jul 22, 2019

Sam last words he heard before his friend took his life was 'I'm Fine'

The ripple effect of it caused set him on his path and into the Livin Org. Spreading the message of Mental Health through out Australia

Now he's looking at taking on America!


Jul 20, 2019

Q1: How do you stop caring what people think?

Q2: What should professional Sports players be doing right now?

Q3: What do you see changing in the Player + Media relationship in the future.

Jul 18, 2019

1000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly

Is all your need to be a success

We all have a different meaning of success but for me right now this is mine - The ability to work on what I want, When I want and where I want

Here's a simpler way of breaking it down

Hope you enjoy the podcast



Jul 12, 2019

1. How did vlogging help your business?

2. When to outsource?

3. Where do I see the media space for sports in the future?

Jul 10, 2019

Every wondered how the Michelin food guide and tyre company are intertwined. They figured out something along time ago!


I had a meeting with two entrepreneurs during the week and this was the story that came to my head. As always I heard it from Gary Vee


But hope this helps you and your business Grow!